A FAB Easter Brunch Spread!

A FAB Easter Brunch Spread!

Easter is about gathering together, about welcoming spring. It’s about joyous moments around the table - tucking into a seasonal feast, partaking in Easter activities and games with the younger generation. Easter Sunday for us is the perfect moment for such occasion, we enjoy a long leisurely brunch. We’re fond of prepping too, setting and decorating a themed table is half the fun. If you’re in need of some Easpiration, read on, let us guide you through some of our recommendations. Questions about specific products? Reach out, don’t be shy - we always love hearing from you.

Pick a day when you have some time to shop at your very own pace, you don’t wan to rush this - experience and envision as you peruse the shelves. Write a shopping list if that helps you, but always bear in mind you may find some must-haves / must-tries - new products and seasonal treats are always being added in the shops and online.

FAB recommends:

- Caviar Oscietra Sturgeon (limited stock available at our Causeway bay location)
- Hot Cross Buns (sold out online, now available in-store only!)
Set your alarm for a respectable hour, if you’re hosting you rise before the rest of the household awakes. Get an egg-dish going, omelette with spinach, mushrooms and cheese (maybe some smoked salmon too). A shakshouka - easy, it sits in the oven whilst you get the table ready. A frittata is festive too, so simple to make. Or simply eggs a la your way!

Set the table, pick up an Easter themed tablecloth in advance if you can - just makes it a little extra special. Dig out your finest China and rewatch a YouTube video on how to fold a napkin into a bunny - it’s simpler than you think. Place a chocolate bunny where a water glass would normally go, get that centrepiece from storage - a big Easter (picnic) basket filled with all the eggs the family painted and dyed the day before, mix with chocolate eggs too, perhaps add a cute soft-toy bunny that you could borrow from one of your kids.

Arrange different platters of charcuterie, cheese, smoked salmon with caviar, blinis and crème fraîche - set nicely on different parts of the table. Place a warm toasted hot cross bun on each plate, the remaining can go in another basket for seconds. Retrieve a cold bottle of bubbles from the fridge (make sure there’s a couple of more in there for extra merriment throughout the morning into the afternoon) and mix with orange juice - mimosas are festive, always! For the kids, check out our hot chocolate recipe - it’s divine. Eggs should be ready, so it’s time to wake the family or seat your friends around the table.

For a little extra fun, don’t forget to hide the eggs across the house, garden, terrace - wherever! Get some prizes ready (we stock lots of gift items too). Do the spoon & egg race if you dare, fun for both young and old. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny, just get it printed off and attach to a large board. Use those painted eggs from the centrepiece and play the egg tapping game (tap each other’s eggs without breaking your own) - we love Easter, can you tell?! 

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