February's Monthly Special - Fisherman's Pie

February's Monthly Special - Fisherman's Pie

As you read this, fishermen are sliding about the icy decks of their boats hauling in Neptune's bounty and rushing it to land at lightning speed. In the depths of winter, seafood is at its sweetest, its freshest, and its best.

Chef Mick pondered the best way to celebrate such beautiful marine produce and settled on a bountiful Fisherman's Pie.

His pie takes Atlantic Salmon, Halibut, Fine de Claire Oysters and Kinkawooka Mussels and poaches them gently in a leek scented cider reduction. This beautiful stew is topped with light-as-air potato mash and grilled till golden.

The pies will serve two hungry diners most generously and are available to order for dine-in in all our restaurants. Click here to book your table. 

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