Cloudy Bay Clams Linguine - made with New Zealand clams

Cloudy Bay Clams Linguine

A dish that came about during the Matariki New Zealand campaign - celebrating all of the fine food & drinks that it has to offer, including these stunning Cloudy Bay Diamond Shell Clams. Experience the sweet, fresh, sea aromas - the clams exhibit a fragrant scent of seaweed, a rich buttery flavour and a subtle nutty aftertaste. The clam harvesting happens along New Zealand’s shoreline in USFDA classified waters. Rich in phytoplankton all year round, providing optimal feeding and growing conditions. 

This linguine dish is pretty straightforward and makes for a great summer pasta dish. Serves 2-3. Pair with a refreshing (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc! 


9 pcs Cloudy Bay Clams

180g cooked linguine

10g sliced garlic

10g long red chilli 

75g white wine (Sauvignon Blanc recommended)

90g cherry tomatoes

20g (extra virgin) olive oil

5g bottarga (please send us a note if you'd like us to order you some, the dish can be enjoyed without bottarga too) 

15g pangrattato (season breadcrumbs with salt and dried herbs like marjoram or oregano)


* Heat oil in a pan big enough to hold everything.

* Add the garlic and chilli, then sweat for about a minute. 

* Add the clams (thaw before cooking) and sauté for 2 minutes. 

* Whilst the clams are cooking, heat the linguine in salted boiling water until al dente. 

* Drain pasta and add to the pan holding the clams, mix through until covered with the pan sauce.

* Twist pasta with tongs and place into the bottom of a pasta bowl.

* Gently place the clams over the pasta and pour pan liquids over the top.

* Sprinkle the pangrattato over the top and microplane the bottarga over as well (can be enjoyed without bottarge). 

* Serve right away.


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