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  • Grass Fed Rump

Grass Fed Rump



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A steak lover’s steak. If you find cuts like tenderloin and eye fillet a little ho-hum give this baby a try. As the name suggests this premium Australian rump steak cut comes from the beast’s hindquarters and is a fairly hard-working muscle. While you’d expect a well-used muscle to be tough or need long cooking, rump steak’s high percentage of intra-muscular fat allows this super flavoursome cut to be pan-fried or barbequed for a killer steak.

Rump is rich in flavour so you really don’t need to add much, a little butter, maybe some garlic and thyme and you’re set. Serve alongside just about any veg you like and dinner’s done.

These steaks are hand-cut to approximately 400 or 800 grams.