• A 200g wedge of King Island Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar cheese.

King Island Stokes Point Smoked Cheddar 200g


Named after the Southern tip of King Island, “Stokes Point” is the Island’s closest point to Tasmania.

A classic Cheddar style that is matured for 9 months. It is then naturally smoked with Australian hardwood. There are no flavours added.

The smoking gives this cheese its distinctive golden rind and acts as a natural preservative.  This naturally smoked Cheddar delights the senses with its rare flavour notes.

King Island Dairy cheddars are best served at room temperature, with any of the following accompaniments,

- Quince paste, Green apples, Walnuts, Sourdough bread, Chutney, Raisins and dates, Ham, Tomatoes – roasted or grilled


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