• A wedge of Reblochon Fermier AOP cheese 200g.

Reblochon Fermier AOP 200g


A plump and tender, blushing peach rind with a velvety white dusting only barely containing a sticky, oozing centre of buttery soft cheese. A little bacon-salt on the tongue with the merest suggestion of funky barn-yardiness, and possibly hazelnut.

Produced strictly with raw milk from the Montbeliarde, Abondance, and Tarine cows, brought to the place of production as quickly as possible, as renneting must be done within 24 hours of the last milking. After production, the cheeses are put into a cellar to dry, turned every two days, and washed with whey to aid the development of the rind. These tight regulations ensure consistency and assure you your cheese will be exactly what you need, each and every time.

  • Country: France
  • Region: Haute Savoie/Rhône Alps
  • Style: Washed rind
  • Milk Type: Raw cow
  • Rennet Type: Animal
  • Age: 1-2 months
  • Pairs with: Light, fruity reds, think Beaujolais or Pinot Noir



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