Festival of Australia

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Australia! Where the land is pristine. Where quality meats and dairy are in abundance. Where some exceptional wine is produced. Where pantry staples and other products are of top quality. Australia! A land we miss dearly - we can’t wait to travel there again soon, you? In the meantime though, let us take you on an Aussie journey - introducing and highlighting some of our signature Australian meats and other tasty treats through the FESTIVAL OF AUSTRALIA. Browse our e-shop here or visit our stores all of September ’22 and take a look at what’s on offer. You’ll find tasting stations throughout the month, fun little (social media) giveaways, in-store kids activities and…the restaurants are participating too. Try a true Aussie 3-course menu created by Group Executive Chef, Mick Bolam - yes, he comes from the land down under! Happy shopping friends and let us know if we can be of help.