• A 1.5kg lilydale chicken in a plastic bag with a green label.

Lilydale Whole Chicken 1.5kg


Set and forget, one pot wonder, fuss free cooking. A roast chicken is one of those meals that’s so tasty, it's easy to forget just how simple it is to prepare. Rub with oil, season with a little salt and pepper surround with clumsily cut veg of your choosing and whack it all in the oven. What could be easier!?

There’s one way to take your roast dinner from good to great, and that’s start with a great bird. When roasting you really don’t do much to the meat, so starting with top quality produce makes all the difference. And here you are, our Lilydale whole chickens are just the premium birds you are looking for, winner winner…

These birds weigh approximately 1.5kg

Expires after 3 days


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