• An enamel tray of cumberland sausages.

Cumberland Sausages (Frozen) 500g

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If there’s one thing the Brits know, it’s sausage. They’re a favourite dish for many in the U.K. and that has led to a wide variety of delicious flavours. Unsurprisingly, Cumberland sausage heralds from Cumberland in England. They’ve been making them there since the 1500’s, plenty of time to perfect the recipe!

Cumberland sausages are a favourite here at Feather and Bone too. Thanks to their high pork content you get a really succulent sausage that’s the perfect any time of day. They’ll happily cosy up to some baked beans and an egg for breakfast, hop on the bbq at your picnic, or help you whip up that most British of suppers, toad in the hole.

Subject to slight variation, each pack is approximately 500g

Sold Frozen


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