Health Lab Energise Protein Ball (Choc) 40g

Health Lab Energise Protein Ball (Choc) 40g

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I am a cult favourite, instantly boosting energy and mood levels. Plus I have a mega dose of Raw Cacao giving you a lavish chocolate hit, without the oh shit!

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Healthy. Uncomplicated. Natural. Fun. Honest.

Health Lab was built on disruption and innovation. In 2015, our Founder Jess was busy climbing the corporate ladder and realised there was a gap in the market for actually ‘healthy’ snacks that weren’t complicated, boring and most importantly that satisfied those 3pm sugar cravings. Jess quit her corporate career, sold her car for cash and started hand rolling protein balls in her kitchen. And let’s just say she hasn’t looked back since.

Health Lab is passionate about health and beauty starting from within. We are firm believers that true wellness and beauty starts from within, and whatever you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it.

We extended our honest snacking range into edible beauty, as we identified that the health, wellness and beauty industries were converging. As such, we have launched the first edible probiotic beauty balls to market, with much more exciting innovation on the way.

Our portfolio now features plant-based protein balls, probiotic beauty balls and whey protein balls.

You will discover that it's what's NOT in our honest snacks that really make them so special. You won’t find complicated ingredients lists, added sugars, syrups, sweeteners, emulsifiers, stabilisers, soy, GMO’s, additives, numbers or anything artificial. But it doesn’t stop there. The best part is they taste bloody delicious.

We’re a lifestyle brand that engages with women, proving that healthy eating can be fun and convenience doesn’t have to mean compromise. Let’s just say we are changing what it means to be a snack brand.


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