Dry Ageing FridgeFeather & Bone has launched a personalised dry-ageing service, allowing gourmands to take their love of meat to a whole new level. Hong Kong’s only complimentary dry-ageing service, Feather & Bone’s new offering enables guests to purchase large pieces of premium beef, and have them aged according to taste. Participants can visit the butcher as often as they like to have individual steaks cut off for consumption at home, or opt to have them grilled in-house at the Happy Valley or Sai Ying Pun. Trained butcher and General Manager Mark Chan recommends opting for grain-fed cuts of meat which offer up a cleaner taste when dry aged. “I’m a huge fan of rib-eye when it comes to dry-ageing; the fat cap assists in keeping moisture in the meat,” says Chan adding that those new to dry ageing can expect entirely new levels of flavour in their home-cooked steaks. “We typically age steaks for up to 45 days, with a minimum of 21 days to guarantee remarkable flavour. The beef develops a nutty earthiness as it ages; after thirty days you’ll even experience notes of blue cheese and woody, fragrant aromas such as star anise.” With only nine dry-ageing spaces available in each state-of-the-art Italian refrigerator, situated in Happy Valley, Central and Clearwater Bay, demand will be high for this treasured service. As per Feather & Bone’s neighbourhood values and commitment to personalised service, knowledgeable staff are on hand at each store to make recommendations on wine and food pairings, as well as offer up cooking tips to ensure an exquisite home cooked meal.