• a bottle of Aphelion Naughty Boy Grenache red wine.

Aphelion Naughty Boy Grenache 750ml


Aphelion Wine has a laser focus. They are a husband and wife team using small parcels of locally sourced fruit to produce exceptional wine,  and they concentrate on grape varieties that thrive in the Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale, with a sprinkling of the best of surrounding regions. 

Like an artist, the winemaker takes their palette of colours and flavours and combines them together in precise proportions to create something bigger, better than the sum of its parts. So it is with this stunning Grenache.  Balanced, savoury, spices, elegant tannin. You'll love it.

Winery: Aphelion Wines
Region: McLaren Vale, Australia
Wine: Naughty Boy Grenache
Grape Variety: Grenache

Volume: 750ml 


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