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  • Blue Star Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Blue Star Jumbo Lump Crab Meat



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We’re always thrilled when we find a product that’s not only high quality and delicious, but also comes from a company that’s dedicated to improving the quality of the planet, to supporting the people behind the trade, and is also focused on sustainability. Blue Star Foods is just that type of company, committed to sustainability and improving the lives of artisan fishermen and small fishing communities in the Philippines through a series of programs. Not only that, their products are fully traceable, so there’s no mystery and quality can be strictly controlled.

Jumbo Lump is succulent large pieces of white meat handpicked from the crab's two swimming fins, is full of juicy sweetness and is superbly fresh. Jumbo lump crab is for when you want the crab to really shine, in a salad with fresh greens and avocado, tossed through linguine, and of course, classic crab cakes.