• A glass bottle of Bunsters Black Label Hot Sauce 236ml.

Bunsters Black Label Hot Sauce 236ml


The mad scientists at Bunsters took the world's finest hot sauce and doubled the heat! Black Label is twice as hot as Bunsters flagship hot sauce 'Shit the Bed' but still has that great superfood flavour. Treat yourself, or give someone special the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing says "I care about you" more than a bottle of Bunsters Black Label. 

Bunsters Black Label is the ultimate ultra hot sauce with flavour beyond 'burn your mouth out'. Loaded with scorpion chillies (the third hottest chilli in the world), orange juice, garlic, onions, lime, ginger, goji berries and herbs this is the one hot sauce hard core chilli heads will keep coming back to. Don't even think about chilli extracts, in Bunsters sauces there's no funny after taste, just whole chilli goodness. If you have that annoying friend who is never satisfied with the spiciness of his food (and let's face it, this more of a men's problem) then this is for him. Tell him it's not so hot and enjoy watching the steam rise from his ears. 

Black Label has a chilli rating of 99,000 Scovilles. 



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