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  • Compass Box The Peat Monster 700ml-Feather & Bone (2405109530682)

Compass Box The Peat Monster Whisky



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We really love this whisky at Feather & Bone. Even before we cracked the bottle, we knew we had found something pretty special. When you’re in the business of buying and selling booze, there’s a little thrill in finding something as cool as The Peat Monster.

The idea behind this small batch whisky is to balance beautifully peaty, smoky aromas and flavours with malty and fruity ones. You will find peatier, smokier whiskies in Scotland, but the guys at Compass Box were really going for balance here and they have hit a home run with this one. Blending peated single malt whiskies from different regions of Scotland has created a style that is unique in the world of Scotch whisky.