• A long neck bottle of 	 Coopers Sparkling Ale beer.

Coopers Sparkling Ale Long Neck

Coopers Brewery made a cast of craft beers that took the Australian market by storm, their wide popularity making them a staple at every good pub. For Australians, a cold Coopers is a taste of home, and for everyone else, it is a treat to discover! With its fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness, Coopers Sparkling Ale has a compelling flavour which is perfect for every occasion.

Little has changed since Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of Sparkling Ale in 1862. It's still naturally conditioned in the bottle with a unique strain of Coopers yeast. To enjoy the complete Sparkling experience, roll the bottle to mix in the yeast sediment before pouring. No additives. No preservatives. Oh, and for those not familiar with the Australian parlance, long neck just refers to the 750ml bottle. It's got a long neck. There sometimes pretty literal down under. 
  • Brewery: Coopers
  • Country: Australia
  • Style: Sparkling Ale
  • Alcohol Content: 5.8%
  • Volume: 750ml


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