• A 1kg Dry-Aged Bone-in Wagyu Ribeye beef steak.

Dry-Aged Bone-in Wagyu Ribeye 1kg


Let's start from the end.

  • Ribeye, the goldilocks steak with the perfect balance of meat to fat, not too rich, not too lean.
  • Wagyu means marbling, all that delicious fat is laced throughout the meat, meaning a moist, buttery finished product.
  • Bone-in, aside from looking bad-ass, bones literally add flavour to your meat. The marrow seeps through the bone as it warms up, injecting intense savouriness into the meat. 
  • Dry-aged means your meat has been carefully monitored by our expert butchers for the last month, as enzymes within the meat work to tenderise it and create rich umami characters.

This is a beautiful steak. A show-stopping steak. Worthy of a festive occasion or weekend celebration. We are very proud to be able to offer this beautiful cut to you.

Hand cut to approximately 1kg.

Sorry, currently out of stock

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