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  • Fish4ever Anchovy Fillet In Oil 95g

Fish4Ever Anchovy Fillet In Oil



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A polarising fish, you either love them or hate them! These anchovies are fished in the seas around and packed on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. Near the southern tip of the island near Tunisia, they are filletted, salted and processed by hand with the addition of a delicious green and fruity local olive oil.

Fish4Ever regard themselves as a ‘small fish in a big pond’ and they are happy to stay that way. They are committed to fishing sustainably, to ensure that the wild sources of their fish are available for years to come. They use small boats with poles and lines to catch their fish to avoid overfishing and cause minimal harm to the ecosystems in which they work. They process their fish in a small facility in The Azores, and use the whole fish to minimise waste. We really like these guys, they are doing great work.