A bag of Floridia Grated Parmesan Grated. A plate of risotto with a wedge of cheese.

Floridia Grated Parmesan 100g


Product description

Floridia Parmesan is a pasteurized facsimile of the famous Parmiggiano Reggiano with all of its sweet-savoury and umami characters. It is aged for up to two years before grating, giving the cheese a strong, sharp flavour and a dry crumbly texture. It is ideal for sprinkling over pasta, risotto or pizza, or tossing through bitter leaves for a classic Italian salad. 

When Mauro & Carmela Montalto and their three young sons migrated to Australia from Sicily in 1952, they brought with them a largely self-sufficient way of life. That aspects of Italian culture allowed them to survive and feel at home in a very different cultural environment. Cheesemaking skills are handed down from parents to children in the Montalto family and so the traditional methods of making excellent Italian cheeses are retained.


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