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Crottin de Champcol 60g


Crottin de Champcol, the pasteurised cousin of Crottin de Chavignol, is a nuggety little goats’ cheese from the Loire Valley, which starts out with a pale ivory rind enclosing a soft, creamy interior. It is usually aged about 4 weeks before it is consumed. Often it is aged longer. As it ages, the rind becomes darker, increasingly mottled with white, grey, and bluish moulds. The taste changes also as this cheese ages. Younger Crottins have a creamy, fresh taste with a hint of citrus. Older versions develop a stronger, bitier and more "goaty" flavour. We’ll send you a young Crottin, you can eat it fresh or play around with ageing it to discover exactly how you like it. Here’s a nerdy idea! Buy four, eat one tomorrow then one each week for a month, and see the flavours and textures evolve and develop. 

This particular Crottin comes to us from Fromagerie P. Jacquin et Fils whose operation is in Berry, in the heart of France. They have grown to produce a seasonally varying range of roughly thirty different goats’ cheeses, including the famous Selles sur Cher, Valençay and Sainte Maure de Touraine, as well as a host of lesser-known regional specialities. Each made with the stringent care and attention to detail demanded of AOC cheese status.

These hand-made Crottins weigh approximately 60g 

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