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  • La Perruche Pure Cane Sugar Brown

La Perruche Pure Cane Sugar Brown



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La Perruche is an exceptional product, highly appreciated by connoisseurs of subtle and refined taste. Consisting of nothing other than 100% cane sugar, and produced using a process exclusive to La Perruche. The unique and authentic taste has gained La Perruche a place in the kitchens of the greatest chefs and won over gourmet palates all around the world, thus becoming the brand's emblem and a sign of the subtlest sophistication.

La Perruche is the fruit of a French family saga as a secret recipe was invented in 1890 in André Cossé's confectionery workshop. Two Cossé sons took up the torch and created a refinery where they continue to manufacture the traditional sugars with the authentic flavours and fragrances of the tropical islands, using that sweetest of secrets, their father's original recipe.