• A pack of Lemnos Paneer Cheese 200g.

Lemnos Paneer mild 200g


Lemnos Tradition in the Making The story of Lemnos began on a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, where humble shepherds perfected age-old cheesemaking techniques passed down from father to son.

In Australia since 1969, Lemnos has acquired an enviable reputation for traditional specialty style cheeses. Lemnos Foods also prides itself on being Gold Medal winning quality across our entire range of products.

Lemnos Paneer is ideal as an ingredient as it absorbs many flavours, such as spices. Suitable for vegetarians.

  • Made with 100% pasteurised milk
  • No artificial preservatives or additives
  • Made with non-animal rennet
  • Suitable for vegetarians

SERVING SUGGESTION: Great for cooking in curries and satays, and as an addition to bbq skewers.


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