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  • Mangalica Pork Belly (Frozen) 500g

Mangalica Pork Belly (Frozen) 500g



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The Mangalica pig is prized in Hungary for superior fat content, marbling and depth of flavour. It has been declared an edible national treasure. The flavour is unbeatable. Touted as the Kobe beef of pork. If you’re familiar with pigs, you’ll know that most pigs have been bred to have virtually no fat, but be mostly lean meat. When you breed the fat out of the pig, it becomes tasteless.

This is not the case with Mangalica, they are robust beasts that like to forage, dig for grubs and get about their business. They don't wait around to be fed. Wild and woolly with a thick curly coat perfect for the harsh Hungarian winters, a world away from the docile factory-farmed pigs so common these days. This is pork with flavour. Rich, savoury and endlessly moreish. Try this incredible Mangalica pork belly, you won't look back.

These belly slices are 500g, imported frozen for maximum freshness.

500g. Sold frozen.