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  • Passion Pasta Egg Fettuccine

Passion Pasta Egg Fettuccine



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Did you know the regular pasta you see on the supermarket shelves isn't actually made with egg? It's just water, flour and salt. There are lots of benefits to eating egg pasta. For one (the most important reason for us) it is much more delicious. Egg gives richness and toothsomeness that we find irresistible. Secondly, it is much more nutritious. Egg is a secret superfood so get it wherever you can. Go for egg on egg here, serve this beautiful pasta "alla carbonara". 

Passion Pasta is an Australian family-owned company founded in 2002 producing artisanal pasta and sauces using only the finest ingredients including durum wheat semolina, free-range eggs and extra virgin olive oil. Passion Pasta pride themselves on purveying the finest quality, all natural pastas and sauces that are innovative, fresh and delicious.