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  • Passion Pasta Vegetable Penne

Passion Pasta Vegetable Penne



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Sometimes it's better to celebrate the veg rather than 'hide' it in your families food. This beautiful vegetable pasta uses tomato, spinach and beetroot to add colour, nutrition and cheer to your meals.  If you've tried gluten free pasta you might have been a bit disappointed that it breaks apart after cooking. The clever kids at Passion Pasta have found a workaround and produced fantastic gluten free penne that holds up to the most rigorous boiling. You need a delicate sauce to let the pasta shine through, cherry tomatoes basil and extra virgin olive oil, or maybe a light cream sauce, nothing more. 

Passion Pasta is an Australian family-owned company founded in 2002 producing artisanal pasta and sauces using only the finest ingredients including durum wheat semolina, free-range eggs and extra virgin olive oil. Passion Pasta pride themselves on purveying the finest quality, all natural pastas and sauces that are innovative, fresh and delicious.