A 200g wedge of Sepi Pecorino Romano DOP in a shrink wrap bag. A wedge of Sepi Pecorino Romano DOP on a slate with a cheese knife.

Sepi Pecorino Romano DOP 200g


Product description

Ewe's milk is particularly high in butterfat, this is one of the reasons Pecorino Romano (a traditional Italian sheep's milk cheese) is so scrumptious. When your Pecorino comes to room temperature, don't be surprised if you see beads of oil on the cheese. The cheese's oils, called "butterfat tears," weep naturally and indicate the cheese is at the perfect temperature for eating. Pecorino Romano is often used grated in pasta dishes. Serve with bold red wines. For a real treat, have it for dessert, drizzled with truffled honey.

All Sepi’s cheeses are made with Sardinian milk, standing out with the quality of the raw materials. Sepi participates in the three PDO consortia of protection in Sardinia. Their Pecorino Romano PDO is big in size and aged for a long time, and now its production has been limited to the Sardinian and Latium territory. It remains the most exported Sardinian pecorino cheese.

  • Country: Italy
  • Regions: Sardinia and Lazioilk
  • Milk Type: Sheep
  • Pasteurization: Cooked curd
  • Rennet Type:  Lamb (animal) rennet
  • Age: Minimum 150 days
  • Serving: 200g wedge

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