• Burger buns, burger patties, marinated chicken skewers, chick breasts, herbs, tomato sauce with a red text overlay 'F&B Healthy Griller'.

The Healthy Griller (Serves 4)


Make your own healthy chicken entree with this pack - a delicious bang for your buck. With Summer in full swing, there is simply no better time for a barbeque! Throw these grass-fed, natural burger patties on the grill along with our juicy, lean chicken breasts for a feast that won't disappoint you or your waistline. Regular price $450 (save $55) The Healthy Griller pack includes:

Steggles Chicken Breast x 2 pcs

Beef Patties 160g x 4 pcs

Burger Bun x 4 pcs

Satay Chicken Skewers x 6pcs

Barts Seasoning 




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