A wedge of Virgilio Grana Padano 200g. Wheels of parmesan and wedges of Virgilio Grana Padano 200g.

Virgilio Grana Padano 200g


Product description

What we know as ‘parmesan’ is actually a term that refers to two similar but distinct cheeses in Italy. Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano. Grana Padano is the everyday workhorse in Italy, what you’ll find shaved on top of pasta, tossed through a salad or mixed into a risotto. While Reggiano is the ‘fine china’, reserved for savouring alone or maybe with a little drizzle of local honey. 

Virgilio Grana Padano is made in the Po River Valley in north-eastern Italy. Produced from the raw cows' milk of two milkings, partially skimmed then cooked twice and bathed in brine before it is left to age. The resulting cheese is fragrant, dry and crumbly with a sweet-salty and very savoury flavour. It’s a great grate, and is just the thing to enhance all your Italian home cooking.


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