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  • Grain Fed Bone-in Rib Eye (Frenched)

Grain Fed Bone-in Rib Eye (Frenched)



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A beautifully frenched, bone-in rib eye roast will surely impress. Here you have the makings of a real stand-up-and-clap feast. The extra intra-muscular fat afforded by grain feeding increases tenderness and gives a little leeway in cooking time. Keeping the bone in a roasting joint boosts flavour ensuring a beautifully succulent result, but really it just makes it look damn impressive!

And what an impression you’ll make with this ample rib of beef sitting proudly on the carving board. Crying out for some hot English and a tray of light-as-air yorkies our top-quality grain-fed beef makes for a show-stopping Sunday roast any day of the week!

Make your selection of 1, 3, or 5kgs, our butchers will cut as closely as they can but slight variation can't be avoided.