Nudie Nothing But Apple 1L

Nudie Nothing But Apple 1L

$98 per bottle


Inside the bottle: apple, the whole apple and nothing but the apple. This juice really does what it says on the tin. It’s 100% fruit no added sugar and no nasties like preservatives, additives, colourings or concentrates. Concentrate is a kind of cryogenically-frozen-juice that’s brought back to life years later by adding water, flavour, sugar and weird other stuff. Not something you’d really choose to drink! That’s why Nudie made nothing but;  just good, simple, natural fruit juice.

The kids at Nudie have one (dare we say, pretty bold) goal: to provide drinks made with the best ingredients on the planet and deliver a product that is far superior to everything else on offer. They started out in 2003 in Sydney and have been working towards that goal ever since. Have they achieved it? Buy a bottle and you be the judge.


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