Ottimo Risotto Ball Saffron & Parmesan 40g (Frozen)

Ottimo Risotto Ball Saffron & Parmesan 40g (Frozen)



Arancini -> “little orange" in Italian, originate from Sicily, Italy. Essentially, Arancini are breaded one or two-bite balls of risotto - different flavoured risottos. A great pre-dinner or cocktail party snack, for your upcoming #FeatherAndBoneAtHome festivities perhaps?! Introducing 'Ottimo Arancino’ from South Australia. Made with simple, but fresh ingredients, these balls of creamy risotto and unctuous mozzarella cheese are hand-rolled every time! Good for air-frying and the oven…bite into the crunch and experience the utterly delicious moist risotto on the inside. All natural, no additives - the good stuff only!


Available flavours:

* porcini & black truffle

* ricotta & spinach

* eggpant & red pepper

* saffron & parmesan


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