Mont D'or 500g-Feather & Bone (2404938645562)

Mont D'or



The temperatures drop on the Swiss alps, the snow falls and plump, contented cows make their way down the hillsides, away from the woolly weather toward their wintertime diet of hay. This march marks the beginning of Vacherin season, when the milk is rich and intense and affords these qualities to their resultant cheeses.

We wait for Vacherin, and it is certainly worth it. This is a stand-alone cheese. It is so outrageously delicious that it’ll simply eclipse all served alongside it. Studded with slivers of garlic and spears of rosemary then warmed in till oozing and aromatic, Vacherin needs nothing more than chunks of baguette and hungry diners.

Subject to slight variation, each wheel weighs approximately 400g


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