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Yarra Valley Caviar


Product Description

Caviar - poetry in a tin. It deserves all the glory and poetic ways to describe its flavour, texture…the slight audible “pop” between tongue and roof of mouth, releasing even more flavourful juices. Caviar - a treat, a very special one we enjoy with our scrambled eggs for a luxurious type of breakfast, with pasta for some delightful savouriness, but sometimes we go the purist way - have nothing interfere with the flavour, simply off the back of the hand, between index finger and thumb…or with some sour cream, hard-boiled egg and lemon wedges - on a blini maybe.

Yarra Valley Caviar - a leader in its field in regards to sustainably grown, hand-harvested Atlantic salmon and trout roe.

* Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar 25g (salted and steeped in Bloody Shiraz Gin for 24 hours).

* Ikura Shoyu Zuke 25g (prepared using traditional Japanese flavours).

* Atlantic Salmon Caviar 30g (multi-award winning, pure and unprocessed with only 3% added salt). 

Shipping & Delivery


凡購物滿 600元的訂單,都可享免費送貨服務。