Casusgrill One-Time Flameless Instant Grill

Casusgrill One-Time Flameless Instant Grill

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With much of the year in Hong Kong being perfect for the outdoors, we encourage outdoor grilling. We understand not all have access to BBQs at home, but spend your weekends exploring country parks or on a beach. Pick up some easy-to-cook meats (burger patties, sausages or flank steak we recommend) and… this baby, the Casus Grill that is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. It’s light-weight - very easy to bring on your hikes.


* No use of metals that takes up to 200 years to decompose

* Quick Oxylite™ make it ready to cook in 5 minutes

* Creates a high, even temperature that ensure your food is cooked properly

* No bad taste or smell of lighter liquid or fossil fuels

* All materials are sustainable and biodegradable (except the lava stones) * Reduces CO2 emissions because of less charcoal

* Portable: L32 x W24 x H5.5cm and weighs approx 1kg


Need more lava stones? We sell them separately too.


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