Chateau Highball Vodka & Soda 750ml

Chateau Highball Vodka & Soda 750ml

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The heat is on and summer parties are a go! Boat / junk trips, rooftop shindigs, BBQs all require drinks - fun drinks may we suggest. CHATEAU HIGHBALL, the first multi-spirits drinks producer, making high-end highball blends bottled in Champagne format, bottled in Italy in small batches in Champenoise bottles with natural cork - all natural ingredients too.

This uses a Strong Vodka Soda bottled in Italy with a single origin Polish rye slowly Poly-distilled to lose any imperfections, whilst keeping its distinctive taste. Elegantly matched to the purest spring waters and a touch of lemon essence. It’s a finely carbonated and filled in champagne format with natural cork. There are no added sugars and sweeteners. 


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