A Grass Fed YG Ribeye beef steak.


$182 per piece


Grass feeding provides cattle with a varied diet of grasses and plants. That healthy diet translates into a wide range of flavours present in the resultant meat. Our beef comes chilled (not frozen) to us from Australia where it is raised as it should be, grazing contentedly in the sunshine with not an artificial hormone or steroid in sight.

Rib-eye is one of the prime cuts of beef prized for its perfect balance of flavour and tenderness. It has a moderate amount of marbling, just enough for a tender and moist steak without being overly rich or fatty. Sear well on all sides before finishing in the oven. Rest well before carving for a juicy and tender steak.

Make your selection of weight and our butchers will cut as accurately as they can but slight variation can't be avoided.


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