Lily O'Briens Desserts Collection 210g

Lily O'Briens Desserts Collection 210g



Passionate about both chocolate AND dessert? Then this one’s for you! A carefully curated selection of 16 chocolates that contain no artificial colouring and flavours - suitable for vegetarians too. Just to describe a few to get your tastebuds going...Crème Brulée Sweet Vanilla Custard Truffle on a layer of caramel, topped with white chocolate and a sprinkle of caramelised sugar lemon posset. Smooth & creamy lemon truffle in a dark chocolate cup with a sprinkle of crunchy meringue pieces. Banoffee Pie, chocolate & crisps with banana infused caramel in milk and white chocolate, topped with toffee pieces. There’s more, but we’ll leave that for you to explore! 


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