TURK'S Free Range Spicy Buffalo Wings 1kg (frozen)

TURK'S Free Range Spicy Buffalo Wings 1kg (frozen)



Turk’s free-range chicken is raised on locally grown corn, on select farms in Horowhenua, New Zealand. The chicken is juicy and tender - a rich buttery flavour and features a beautiful golden colour reflecting the goodness of sun-ripened corn. Quality is key in this family-owned business, all its chicken products are natural and free from hormones. A responsible food producer who prioritise the welfare of the chickens, raising happy birds - meeting the requirements of the New Zealand Animal Codes of Welfare.


We stock a wide range from Turk’s: breast fillet, thigh fillets, chicken tenderloin, whole chicken and also ready-marinated (different marinades) spatchcock chickens ready for the oven.


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