Wagyu M6+ Sirloin 6kg Slab Wagyu M6+ Sirloin 6kg Slab

Wagyu M6+ Sirloin 6kg Slab

$8,388 per piece


The balance of rich, flavoursome meat to succulent intramuscular marbling makes it sure to please any steak lover. Wagyu is a breed of cattle that is reared to increase that marbling even further, making for a more tender, richer, more buttery final product. Dry-ageing Wagyu beef brings out extremely delicious flavours, making the steak more savoury, more intense and if you'll allow it, more 'beefy'. So, tenderness from the Wagyu plus flavour from the dry-ageing process equals a mind-blowing steak. 

Our dry-ageing process involves careful monitoring of your slab through the ageing period by our expertly trained butchers and our state of the art dry-ageing facilities. The slabs are held in dry-ageing cabinets that strictly control the temperature and humidity of the meat, ensuring a product and process that is totally safe and hygienic.  For more info about the dry-ageing program at Feather & Bone please visit our blog

The slabs vary slightly in weight, before ageing this Ribeye Slab weighs approximately 6kg.

Please note, dry-ageing is for pre-order only.


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