Collection: Charcuterie

The art of preserving meat, known as charcuterie to the French or salumi in Italy, is nearly as old as eating itself. From pâté, rillette and ‘nduja, to salami, Jamon and prosciutto, there is a vast array of flavours and textures to be found on a charcuterie board, salumi platter, ploughman’s lunch… Whatever you call it, with the simple unwrapping of some of our artisanal products, you can be sure you’ll be sitting down to a treat. For a little guidance, we recommend roughly 50g of charcuterie per person if it’s served as a starter. For a cocktail event where charcuterie will be the main pass-around item, we suggest doubling it for 100g each and serving it with lots of olive oiled crusty bread. Because charcuterie meats are already preserved, there is no harm in over catering as leftovers will keep very well!