Collection: Poultry

The world of poultry is vast, and perhaps unfairly, dominated by chicken. While there is nothing more comforting than a golden roast chicken in the centre of the dining table, we should not forget the delights of a crispy-skinned roast duck, a Christmas-time Turkey centrepiece or the most luxurious of French delicacies - foie gras. The popularity of chicken can be attributed to its sheer versatility. Chicken thighs, breasts and tenderloins are staples in countless recipes, whole chickens are perfect for a Sunday Roast, we even stock ready-marinated chicken skewers, frozen bones for stock, and expertly de-boned, stuffed and tied chicken cushions. Maybe you’re dreaming about roasts & BBQ. Whatever you’re feeling like, meat from the finest fowls can be found below.