FAB Foundation

FAB Foundation

The FAB Foundation (registered charity number: 91/17785) was established in 2021 with a mission to help local Hong Kong communities in need through partnerships and collaborations with established Hong Kong charities and organisations to help benefit the most vulnerable groups in our society. It is our passion to give back where we can and therefore it is essential that our charitable efforts are structured and formalised, so we can continuously grow and improve. 

Working together with dedicated charity partners, it enables us to know exactly who is in need of what and when - ensuring we make the most impact using the relevant and appropriate resources. Our connections in the food industry help us maximise our purchasing power and gives us access to wholesale and bulk goods, equipment, food supplies and willing volunteers. By acting as a bridge between these two sectors, we hope to boost our efficacy, creating a direct pathway for charitable Hong Kongers to make beneficial donations.

We collect funds via a portion of restaurant revenue (HK$5 of every monthly special sold goes into the fund) on a monthly basis as well as through customer donations at all of the shops. Social distancing guidelines permitting, fundraising events and other campaigns may be organised in the future to help increase funds.

Should you wish to donate directly to FAB Foundation (benefiting a different local charity each month or one of our long-term partners), you may do so here:

FAB Foundation is operated by senior members of Feather & Bone management team. For information and enquires, please e-mail fabfoundation@featherandbone.com.hk.