• Low and Slow Lamb Shoulder

    Take a hard-working cut of lamb, leave it to cook gently over a long lazy afternoon and you will be richly rewarded. The flavour of the meat mellows and it becomes meltingly tender. No carving needed, this beautiful roast will fall apart with the merest touch.  View Post
  • Wrap It Up!

    A few delicious, healthy and easy fillings for Simson’s Pantry Wraps that you might not have considered. Prepare as many of these as you like. Lay them all out on the table and let the kids get stuck in. View Post
  • Fettuccine Carbonara

    A classic dish that has to be done just right. Fettuccine Carbonara is one of life's simple pleasures. View Post
  • Macadamia Crusted Lamb Cutlets

    Crumb lamb cutlets in a macadamia, parmesan and herb crust. Pan fry till golden. Serve with lemon.  View Post
  • Warm Zucchini & Quinoa Salad

    From starting to serving: 25 minutes. Active time: 25 minutes. Serves Four.  How the chefs explain it:Cook all the veg and the quinoa, toss together with the herbs, lemon segments and a little vinaigrette. 2 zucchinis 2-3 teaspoons of harissa seasoning Olive oil Salt & pepper Half a cup ... View Post
  • Cooking the Perfect Rib Eye

    Grab the steak then cook it to perfection just like the pros do. View Post
  • Boozy Berry Clafoutis

    A set vanilla custard studded with gin-soaked raspberries makes a very grown-up dessert. View Post
  • Tartiflette

    The ultimate comfort food. Creamy, bacony, warm and oozy. Winter-time dinner at it's best. View Post

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