Collection: Seafood

Fish and seafood are loved the world over, with many different cultures known for a (traditional) seafood dish. Spicy seafood hot pots, delicious bouillabaisse, slurping mussels with a glass of white wine, scraping up the rice from your paella pan or some premium grade sashimi - fresh and top quality seafood makes all the difference. We scour the globe for the finest (sustainable) fish and seafood and race it straight from our suppliers overseas to our shops where you’ll find fresh salmon from Norway’s pristine icy depths, Dutch halibut, Hokkaido scallops, frozen Spanish red prawns, beautiful lobster tails to combine with our beef for the most decadent Surf ’n’ Turf, preserved Italian anchovies for your pizzas, smoked salmon for Eggs Royale to serve at your next homemade brunch and so much more.