About us

We are merchants of food and drink. We are a premium butcher, grocer and deli concept currently spanning ten locations across Hong Kong, of which seven feature all-day dining restaurants. A fully functioning e-shop operates 24/7 too – everything you see in our brick and mortar stores, you’ll find here online too. We work directly with farmers from around the world, giving us the opportunity to inspect and select our meat first-hand, without the risk of a middleman. We only select premium, top quality beef and meat - free of hormones, free of antibiotics and free of growth stimulants. Free-range pork and chicken too, it just tastes so much better. If it isn’t good, we just don’t fly it in. It’s that simple!
It is our prime range of superior meats that have made us become the exceptional butcher we are today. What started in 2015 as a small shop in the middle of Central’s wet market, grew into a full-scale butchery operation combined with the retail concept specialising in fresh produce, dairy, pantry staples, wines and more. It was our goal to ensure your breakfast, lunch and dinner can be shopped for at each of our locations. 
Although we have numerous venues, we are not your average “supermarket” – we do not stock it all. Every cut of meat and every product you see in the shops and online are meticulously hand-selected and go through several (taste and cooking) tests. Our meat prices may be a little higher than your usual food store chains, but on top of remarkable quality, we fly it in chilled – never frozen*, as fresh as possible, as often as possible. All are attributes to our pricing strategy, giving you an as-fair-as-possible price for the meat you purchase.
* the BEST VALUE range is a new range of affordable quality FROZEN meats, seafood, wines and other products from around the world