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  • Fresh Salmon Fillet Skin On

Fresh Salmon Fillet Skin On



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In the deep, icy waters off the coast of Norway, swim the world's healthiest salmon. The quality of the water naturally influences the quality of the fish, and so we are thrilled to bring a product from such a pristine environment to you here in Hong Kong. Twice a week shortly after the salmon has been plucked from the depths it is hurried by air to HK. 

With it's rich yet balanced and distinctive flavour, and firm, oily flesh salmon is one of the most versatile fish to cook. Baked, pan-fried, roasted, poached, en papillote, you really can't go wrong. Our Norwegian salmon is filleted, pin-boned and scaled and raring and ready to go. 

These are hand-cut fillets, they'll be as close to 200g as possible.