Australian Angus Beef

Australian Angus Beef

In the USA, to be classified 'Angus Beef' the beast's hide must be 51% black. That's it. There are no other requirements.

Things are a little more stringent Down Under. Our partners at Oakey Reserve Black Angus must check a whole host of boxes to pass muster as true Australian Black Angus.

To be accepted under any Black Angus breed claim, animals must be:

  • Sire: Black Angus
  • Dam: Black Angus
(That's the father and mother to us non-farmers)
Acceptable characteristics are:
  • Straight black and representing Angus phenotype
  • Small amount of white underline (no more than 10% of the hide)
  • No white legs and feet
  • No horns
  • Scurs are acceptable, however they must not be fixed to the skull (scurs are small horn-like structures, often present in young cattle)
  • No dairy characteristics. 
This higher level of scrutiny ensures consistency and quality. And it makes us 100% confident in the premium products from Oakey Reserve Black Angus. And if we're confident, you can be too.

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