VALENCA PORK – Free-range Certified Premium Pork

VALENCA PORK – Free-range Certified Premium Pork

Valenca pork is an Australian family business operated with pride. Its range is 100% free-range certified premium pork sourced only from a handful of farmers who look after the pigs with the utmost care and respect, always bred in a natural environment in open paddocks where they’re able to express their natural behaviours, which include socializing, playing and running around. Pigs are inquisitive by nature, it is important they get to live as their true selves. This is what makes them stand out – commercial farming does not offer this. Valenca is a premium pork brand we love.


Made in-house at all locations in various sizes, using the succulent belly. Stuffed with onion, sage and breadcrumbs. Slow-roast, make sure the skin crisps up.


These pork chops are moist and incredibly flavourful. Suited for all different types of cooking.


A premium pork steak that is leaner, but still tender. A great choice for the more health-conscious.


The butchers make patties every single day. These beauties made with the freshest pork mince from Valenca pork shoulder. Seasoned perfectly with our very own chorizo spice blend. A different kind of burger definitely worth trying.


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