José Gordón's Beef has Landed!

José Gordón's Beef has Landed!

They say pigs can't fly... well cows can! 

José Gordón's incomparable beef has winged its way to Feather & Bone and with great heaves and grunts our butchers have begun the task of breaking the massive beasts down. 

From oxen raised in the north-west of Spain, matured for up to 15 years, then dry-aged in underground cave's at Gordón's Bodega El Capricho, this phenomenal product is beef unlike any other. Supremely savoury, with a rich 'beefiness' supporting a range of auxiliary characters such as blue cheese, earthiness and even mushroom notes. Crafted by a true artisan, we are incredibly proud to host José Gordón's beef at Feather & Bone.

We have two main cuts for sale - Sirloin and Bone-in Ribeye ranging from 800g to 2kg, available in all our butcher's counters (excluding Clear Water Bay and Yuen Long).

They're ready for you to take home (cooking instructions here) or to eat in our restaurants (book now). 

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