Reducing Food Waste with Phenix By OnTheList

Reducing Food Waste with Phenix By OnTheList

Did you know that one-third of all the food produced globally is produced for nothing? It is grown, picked, processed, packaged, shipped, stored, maybe sold, and then it goes into the bin! All this effort, energy and emissions for nothing! In Hong Kong alone, 3,600 tonnes of food goes to waste every single day. 

Phenix by OnTheList is chipping away at this mammoth problem by identifying food soon to be wasted and giving you access to it at a discounted price. ‘What a great idea!’ we thought. Naturally, we were more than keen to get involved. 

How it works:

1. Get the Phenix app (it's free to download and sign-up)
2. Search for Feather & Bone
3. Purchase one of our special $70 baskets that includes 1x selected sourdough loaf and 3 pastries (originally valued at $140!)
4. Come and collect your basket from FAB Causeway Bay (from 7pm-10pm) or Sai Kung (from 7pm-9pm)

* Please note, baskets are limited to 3x per day. First come, first served!

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